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Buildex for Internal Curing Improves Performance and Service Life of Conventional Concrete
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Buildex, Inc. is a Midwestern US producer of expanded shale lightweight aggregate marketed as Buildex lightweight aggregate. The word Haydite in our logo refers to our roots that go back to Stephen J. Hayde, the inventor of expanded shale lightweight aggregate produced by the rotary kiln process. 
Buildex is a construction material used primarily in the production of lightweight concrete masonry (Haydite block and Buildex SmartWall Systems concrete masonry units), lightweight structural concrete, asphalt chip seals and also as a lightweight geotechnical fill aggregate. There are many other significant uses, as well. New uses include "Internal Curing" of conventional normal weight concrete. Internal curing extends hydration of cement to improve concrete durability. Detailed information on Internal Curing is available at the website including links to many of the latest papers on the subject. An extensive bibliography on internal curing as well as detailed research information is available at the NIST Internal Curing website.

Products made with Buildex are lightweight, yet just as strong and durable as products made with rock and sand. Buildex is used throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states, shipped from our production plants in Kansas and Missouri. We are part of a global industry with other producers serving markets throughout the US and worldwide. Buildex has several unique characteristics that contribute to  Sustainable Development and LEEDTM Green Building certification credits.  

Buildex SmartWall Systems is proud to be a sponsor of the NCMA online Details library and NCMA e-TEK manual.

The first Buildex plant was built in Ottawa, Kansas and began production in 1950. Since that time we have added plants at Marquette, Kansas and New Market, Missouri and boosted production capacity to over 750,000 cubic yards annually. Buildex expanded shale lightweight aggregate is our only product, allowing us to concentrate on quality, consistency, service and economy while serving a market area of 15 Midwestern and Rocky Mountain states.

Buildex, Inc.
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