Our experience and rich history is unlike anyone else's in the industry.

Buildex® makes tomorrow better by making todays’ buildings, roads, and structures stronger and more sustainable.

Our Haydite® lightweight aggregate is prepared by expanding select shale in a rotary kiln at temperatures that exceed 2,200°F. The end result is a uniform and high-quality lightweight ceramic aggregate that can be used in many applications:

  • Asphalt preservation treatment
  • Lightweight concrete masonry block
  • Lightweight floor in high-rise buildings
  • Concrete bridge decks
  • Ball field and residential yard soil conditioner
  • Lightweight geotechnical applications

An environmentally friendly product that can be recycled and reused in other applications, Buildex Haydite® helps save labor and transportation costs. Also, it has several unique characteristics that contribute to Sustainable Development and LEEDTM Green Building certification credits.

Buildex was founded in Ottawa Kansas 1950. Today, we ship more than 225,000 cubic yards of our lightweight aggregates throughout the United States every year. Because lightweight aggregate is the only product we manufacture, we can concentrate on quality, consistency, and service to our numerous customers.

Buildex is a proud member of the Expanded Shale, Clay, & Slate Institute (ESCSI). Please give us a call or send us an email.

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