Lightweight geotechnical fill



Numerous geotechnical engineering problems, and the conversion of unstable soft soil into usable land, have been solved with Buildex Haydite®. Approximately half the weight of common fills, it offers many advantages:

Predictable high internal friction angle

Reduction of lateral forces by more than one-half

Permanent non-degradable insulation around water lines and steam lines, and other thermally sensitive elements.

USES FOR Haydite®

Waterfront structures

Rooftop gardens

Structural repairs and rehabilitation

Insulating backfill and insulating road base

Enveloping underground conduits and pipelines for insulation or when in unstable soil conditions

Landscape and elevated plaza fills

Bulkheads & retaining walls

Fill over poor soil and marshlands

Shallow foundations

Landfill leachate drainage systems


Haydite® has many features that make it an ideal lightweight geotechnical fill – for use in helping convert unstable soils into usable:

Half the weight, coupled with a high internal friction angle can reduce vertical and lateral force by more than one-half

Free draining

Provide insulation

Chemically inert

At nearly half the weight of common fills, Haydite® provides an ideal lightweight option for backfilling retaining walls, reducing loads over structures, or insulating thermally sensitive elements.

Because natural sand and soil is heavy, structural modifications are frequently required in many exterior project designs. Native soils have silts and clays that may compact and clog filters and drains. Also, natural materials degrade over time, which requires additions to the planting media. Though horticultural products such as vermiculite and perlite are extremely light in weight, they are easily washed away and do not offer adequate anchorage and support for larger plants. This is why Haydite® is an ideal solution.

Design Advantages of Haydite®

Reduces dead loads by half

Provides high internal friction angle

Free draining

Acid insoluble

High insulation value

Easy to handle and install

Environmentally friendly

Reduces lateral forces by half

Controlled grading

Water insoluble

Chemically inert

High strength and durability

Readily available

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