Storm Water Management


Storm Water Management
& Water Treatment

Buildex Haydite® can be used to construct vegetated filter strips, rain gardens, rain basins, constructed wetlands and bioswales to treat, and reduce the amount of storm water runoff. The voids within the product provide an environment suitable media for beneficial microbial action storm water filtering. Additionally, it is also used as the underground-layered aggregate filtering fill beneath permeable pavements. Other benefits include:

Increased surface area with better porosity

Larger interstitial space and greater water storage

Improved removal of suspended solids, hydrocarbons, metals, nitrogen and phosphorous

Haydite® can also be used as part of an on-site sewage treatment system, in a packaged nutrient removal systems, and in constructed wetlands. The product’s void structure allows microbes to live, flourish and improve septic systems efficiency. It can also be used in living machines that process a generated waste stream using innovative natural environments that filter and digest wastes in many different stages.

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