Lightweight Structural Concrete

When used in lightweight structural concrete mix, Buildex Haydite® offers many advantages. Most importantly, it helps mitigate Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR).

ASR is of great concern to many Departments of Transportation because aggregates containing certain silica constituents can, under certain conditions, react with the alkali hydroxide developed during hydration of cement. This reaction may cause expansion and cracking in the cement – which shortens the service lives of pavements and structures.

The use of Haydite® lightweight aggregate in concrete saves materials, energy, labor, and construction and transportation costs because it improves the performance and service life of concrete.


Increased durability and service life with improved concrete properties

Reduced seismic inertia

Longer spans, which increases design flexibility

Better elastic compatibility between aggregate and cementitious matrix

Fewer overall micro-cracks and macro-cracks

Less overall material used because thinner walls and floors use less material themselves, and likewise allow smaller foundations, beams and columns

Reduced chloride ion permeability

Improved energy performance with thermal mass, higher thermal inertia and lower thermal bridging

Reduced dead load

Improved concrete properties through internal curing

Improved contact zone between aggregate and cementitious matrix

Reduced autogenous shrinkage

Reduced transportation impacts because more lightweight aggregate can be shipped on a truck, barge or by rail

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