Success through Safety

Safety is the core component of our culture. Safe and happy team members produce outstanding products that exceed industry expectations, which leads to success – for both Buildex and our customers.


We are passionate about safety at Buildex. Our Safety Work Culture enhances the way we operate, improves our production line, reduces risk and exposures, drives continuous improvement, creates new solutions, and produces more value for our customers. Most of all, it ensures that everyone goes home at the end of the day to their families and friends.


The Buildex Safety Work Culture is guided by the following principles:

  • Team Competence:  Our safety performance improves when team members properly trained in safe work practices. 
  • Pro-active Responsibility:  Each team member is actively responsible for other team members’ safety.  Everyone is empowered to speak up when they see someone or something that concerns them or if something isn't in line with our safety standards. Additionally, the Buildex “Got my Six” program encourages proactive responsibility, cooperation, and camaraderie among team members.
  • Team Cooperation:  Our team members, contractors, and customers must cooperate in order to achieve a high level of safety performance.
  • Continuous Improvement:  Our safety work culture informs the way we operate and improve our production line. Each day, we focus on our processes and the man-machine interface in order to reduce exposure. Optimized processes and preventative/predictive maintenance reduces risk and exposure for our team.


Zero Harm means just that — no incidents and no injuries whatsoever. Because we all have family and friends who care about us and want us to stay safe at work, Buildex has adopted a Zero Harm Policy that all work-related accidents, incidents, injuries, and illnesses are preventable. Nothing is more important.

The Buildex Zero Harm Policy states that:

  • All team members should demonstrate a commitment to the Buildex "Zero Harm" philosophy;
  • We have constant awareness of each individual's responsibility to identify and eliminate unsafe practices and conditions in the workplace;
  • Promote a atmosphere that all workers contribute to the effort, and all supervisors are fully aware of their team’s capabilities and limitations, and each of are held accountable for the team’s actions; and
  • Together we build a culture in which everyone accepts responsibility and accountability for his or her own safety and health as well as the safety and health of coworkers.


Our Safety Work Culture and Zero Harm Policy not only guide the way we operate, they are at the heart of our Safety Mission Statement:

We engage and empower our team members to develop and create safe work environments by providing quality training, continually improving our systems and processes, and listening to our team members’ ideas. Our goal is World Class Performance, by achieving Zero Harm daily.

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